302 Skincare – Revolutionary Skincare

With a basic understanding of how the skin works, what to look for in skincare, and how to evaluate, you now have the tools to find something that really works. 

The next few articles will describe what I use, 302 Skincare, and how to use it for maximal benefits.  Seldom do you find something that totally changes your life, but I have to say that since discovering 302 Skincare back in 2005, my whole way of life has been affected.   It opened my eyes about living holistically and using socially and environmentally sensible options for everyday products, including skincare:

First of all, some facts about this skincare line:

1.  302 Skincare is only available from professionals, people who are trained in its use.  You cannot buy it in a store or order it online.  The reason for this is simple.  It is a line which contains highly active ingredients.  With such potent ingredients, you can affect a true change in the skin structure and cells.  However, the flip side is that you can misuse it and cause undesirable results as well.  With such highly active ingredients, you must not over apply these products and will need to monitor your skin’s response.  This is why a professional should be monitoring you, at least in the beginning, until you understand the products better.   

2.  302 Skincare does not advertise.  This is why you’ve never heard of it.  It is a small privately held business which started in 2002 and has headquarters in Hayden, Idaho.  Most of their professional clients (estheticians) are in California, but they are slowly rolling out to other states and countries, with distribution to Canada in 2010. 

3.  The line is about 90% organic and natural.   Natural and organic ingredients are used if possible, but some synthetics are necessary for stabilizing and preservation.  All synthetic ingredients must have a proven safety record.

4.  302 Skincare is constantly improving its formulations and products.  Because it is a small company, they can do this relatively faster than big skincare companies.  They listen to their clients and consumers and often make changes based on their suggestions.      

5.  302 Skincare’s main philosophy is that the best way to rejuvenate the skin is to make it healthy at the cellular level.  Aging, scarring, rosacea, hyperpigmentation are all signs of cellular dysfunction in the skin.  The ingredients in the products work together to bring the skin back to a healthy state without using harmful irritating ingredients or requiring exfoliative methods.  It preserves and maintains the skin barrier (epidermis).  Another 302 philosophy is that “less is best”.  You want the skin to do all the work, not your skincare products.  You will find that over time, you will need less product, not more. 

6.  The star ingredient is Avogen, which is patented.  The common ingredient name is avocatin.  This is a synthesized version of a special lipid found in a particular species of avocado which has been proven in independent studies to have anti-aging properties.  You have probably heard of the amazing benefits of eating avocados for the skin and general health.  A team of scientists from Eli Lilly isolated the molecule responsible for these benefits and then found a way to duplicate it through a special processing method.   This is the 302 molecule, or Avogen, which became the namesake of the line.  The “302” is its molecular size, which is very, very tiny and, therefore, easily reaches the dermis of the skin and affects changes to the skin cells there.

7.  As Avogen is a strong metabolizer, you cannot use it with acids or other irritants.   You should be off acids at least 2 weeks (longer if possible) to make sure the skin is not in an inflammatory state when you begin.  Otherwise, the irritation and inflammation will be magnified if you use the two together.  You may very well encounter breakouts and other unpleasant adverse reaction if you try to use acids while using the Avogen-containing products at the same time.   Acids includes all AHAs, Retin-A, L-ascorbic acid, and hyalauronic acid.  For the same reason, reduce any topical medications if you are using them, for example acne topicals.   The dryness caused by these meds wil be magnified when using Avogen.  Reduce the frequency of application of your topical meds if this happens.

8.  302 Skincare is an all-inclusive system.  If you decide to use 302 Skincare, then ONLY use 302 Skincare products.  All the products are formulated to work together for best results.  You should not try to mix in other skincare lines.  Mixing products from other lines only complicates the process and results in suboptimal or unpredictable results.  I’ve seen many people try to incorporate 302 with their old favorites and it usually results in disappointment or problems.  This is a very important consideration.  302 is not like other skincare lines, and you have to change your old ways of thinking about skincare.  Follow the instructions from your 302 professional exactly, and you will get results. 

The History of 302 Skincare and the Avogen Molecule

The story of how Avogen was discovered is the stuff of movies, but it actually did happen over 20 years ago.  A team of scientists funded by Eli Lilly and MIT heard of a village of people in Guatemala whose skin seemed to age significantly less than neighboring villages.  They set off on a 2-year exploration to find out why.  They discovered that the village people ate a lot of avocados, as there was an abundance of avocado trees surrounding the coffee plants which they harvested.  Eating 8 to 10 avocados a day was not unusual.  The result was that their skin was very resilient and resistant to sun damage.  After much experimentation, the actual molecule responsible for this amazingly resilient skin was isolated.  The scientists named it avocatin, but later patented it as Avogen.  There were independent, double-blind, placebo-based studies performed which verified their observations.  There was no toxicity, and the results were sustainable and permanent.  After patenting Avogen, the 302 Skincare line was born in 2003.  The patents can be found here:


The 302 line started with only 3 products but has now grown to 40.  Not all the products contain Avogen.  The non-Avogen products consist of moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, and other specialized products which work synergistically with the Avogen products.

I’ve been using the products since 2005, when they only had 3 products, the 302 Protein Drops, Face and Body Bar, and 302 Cleanser.  My full story is documented in the Essential Day Spa Forum  at:


I’m still using 302 Skincare products after 6 years, however much less frequently.  It’s the only products I use.  I don’t require a daily regimen of multiple products.  I simply wash with water in the morning, apply the Recovery Minerals for sunscreen if going out.  At night, I rotate one of my 302 cleansers.  On 3 or 4 nights of the week, I will apply one of the topicals.  That’s it!  Very simple, yet my skin is radiant and plump and healthy.  These products have totally changed how I use skincare and how I live.  I’m more conscious of what I put on my skin, what I eat, and how I live.  Having beautiful skin requires this kind of holistic approach.

What Makes 302 Skincare Different?

These are the reasons I feel 302 Skincare is one of the best lines available on the market today:

1.   The cost is very reasonable for such a potent and exclusive line.  The processing required to produce Avogen is expensive.  It takes about 1 ton of avocados to make 1 ounce of 302 Avogen, so most of the cost is due to this ingredient.  You will not find this ingredient in any other skincare line.  All ingredients are used because of effectiveness and not purely to save cost.  They don’t use cheap fillers and bases or the cheapest forms of actives they can get.  Each ingredient must have scientifically proven results to justify their inclusion.  You will not find a long list of fancy-sounding or chemical ingredients in their formulations.  The formulations are simple yet powerful.  Each ingredient is listed along with their purpose on the company website.  Even though 302 products cost more than drugstore brands, they are still very economical because you use so little at a time.  You will find most of the actives and cleansers last 2 to 3 months. 

2.  The formulations are done by on-site chemists and scientists with extensive knowledge of skin regeneration.  They understand the biochemical mechanisms of the skin and the unique characteristics of Avogen.  It’s not formulated by a contracted cosmetic chemist or formulating lab which churns out products for multiple skincare lines.  Many private label brands are formulated by outside vendors, but you wouldn’t know it.  With 302, everything is controlled by their own people from sourcing the raw ingredients to putting the formulations together, so they know exactly what goes into their products.  Every product is carefully formulated to maximize results without harming or damaging the skin.

3.  The line is highly customizable.  Each person’s skin is at a different stage of health, so you can’t expect one product to work the same for everybody.  To address the uniqueness of people’s skin requirements, there are 40 products to select from, making it highly adjustable or customizable.   There are products for all types of skin and skin problems.  Even the most sensitive of skin can use 302 products.  You just need a 302 professional to help you decide what to use and how to use it.  The actual regimen is simple.  You usually start with a couple cleansers, 1 active, and a sunscreen.   Depending on your issues, you can add on products as needed.    

4.  Results are long-term and sustainable.  While results take awhile to show, they are permanent changes.  Skin rebuilding takes time and patience.  Your skin can only produce collagen and elastin so fast, so don’t expect overnight results.  After 6 months of steady use, you should see marked improvement in your skin.  Depending on the current state of your skin, it could be much faster.  Skin which has been damaged and rendered dysfunctional by long-term use of acids, peels, sun damage, harsh chemicals, invasive procedures, etc. will take longer to correct and rebuild.  But the results are cumulative and should require less product to maintain after awhile.  

5.  The ingredients are safe and nontoxic.  Each ingredient is scrutinized for their safety and toxicity studies.   If new studies show an ingredient is toxic, it will be changed or removed.    

6.  There are patents, independent studies, and many unsolicited testimonials to back up the claims of the products.  With the growing following of happy 302 users, you can easily find testimonials on the Internet about how 302 has changed their skin.  All of their business comes from word of mouth and they have been around long enough now (8 years) to prove that the products are not a passing fad.  They actually work, and they have many happy customers to prove it.  But they never brag about it or advertise about it, another good sign to me that it works.  They don’t need to use marketing hype to sell their products.   

7.  Results are real and permanent, not simply surface changes.  You are addressing the root causes of your skin problems with real solutions, not temporary coverups or band-aid solutions.  You can stop 302 products and your skin remains the same.  302 actually restores your skin’s metabolism and health.  The cells receive the nutrients they need, the skin can repair itself faster, cells turn over faster, and the aging process slows.  Your skin will function much like it did in your 30s without relying on a daily regimen of any sort.  I’ve heard of long-term 302 users taking breaks from 302 actives for up to a month with no decline in their skin.  This is the true test of an effective skincare line.  If you can do this with your current skincare, you have a winner.   

In the next article, I’ll discuss specific things you can to do to ensure success with 302 products.   Until then, you can explore the 302 Skincare website at www.302skincare.com.

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