302 Skincare – Keys to Success


If you are new to 302 Skincare, you need to fully understand how the products work and how to best apply them.  You should be working hand-in-hand with a certified 302 professional, either in person or, if that is not possible, through online and e-mail consultations. 

These are some pointers to think about before embarking on a 302 regimen:

1.  302 Skincare is based on a metabolic model and not a repair model.  The repair model is what most skincare lines use to induce collagen and elastin production.   A repair process involves creating trauma to the surface of the skin, either by manual means (dermabrasion or microdermabrasion) or chemical peels using acids and harsh chemicals.   These include common AHA acids such as glycolic acid, lactic, mandelic acid.  We all know when the epidermis is stripped, the skin goes into repair mode, so cell turnover is speeded up temporarily to repair the damage.  While this kind of repair process may result in collagen and elastin production in the short-term, aging skin cannot keep up with the constant demand of replacing cells indefinitely.  Energy provided by the mitochondrial organelles in skin cells will eventually be depleted from the constant free radical damage resulting from the inflammation of the skin which is an unavoidable side effect of acids and peels.  With each exfoliative treatment, telomeres are shortened and the aging of the skin speeds up.  In addition, exfoliated skin is especially susceptible to sun damage, which even the strongest of sunscreens cannot prevent.  Additionally, the quality of the collagen is often poor, with fragmented and cross-linked proteins (collagen) leading to thinned, hardened skin and accumulation of wastes, including lipofuscin (pigments).  The time it takes for the skin to deteriorate to this point varies greatly between individuals.  Some people seemingly do well on acids for many years or decades, but the underlying mechanism is not a healthy approach in the long-run, and the damage may be irreversible at some point.

 So, if there is a better, safer approach, wouldn’t you rather do that first?  302 Skincare is that safer alternative.  Using the metabolic model, you increase energy and nutrients to the cells, without creating trauma to the epidermis.  The epidermis remains intact to protect you from environmental damage, UV damage and toxins.  It is a more natural process and is sustainable for the long-term.  It increases energy instead of depleting it from the cells. 

302 Skincare believes “less is best” and this is why:  The whole process of turnover is furthered hampered with over application of topicals morning and night.  The skin cannot handle so many substances before it just gives up and does nothing or, worse yet, turns on you by becoming sensitive or breaking out in an allergic reaction.   Subsequently, the less products you use, the less ingredients you are putting on your skin, and the less likelihood you will develop an intolerance or sensitivity. 

The 302 metabolic model is on the cutting edge of rejuvenating skincare.  Unlike a repair model, this model is sustainable and produces a healthier skin.  If you want evidence of that, just read the skincare forums.  The incidence of sensitivity and rosacea is on the rise, and it’s no coincidence that most it occurs in people with a long history of acid use, harsh chemicals, and exfoliative treatments.         

2.  Since 302 Avogen increases the metabolism of the skin, if your skin is in a bad state to begin with irritation, breakouts, dryness, it will only increase your problems if introduced too soon.  Therefore, a transitional period of at least 2 weeks is recommended before applying actives.  There are cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens which can be used during this transitional phase.   You want your skin at baseline but in a calmed nonirritated state before applying any of the Avogen-containing products.  

3.  People who have little or no history of prior skincare use or invasive treatments may not need a transition period and probably will have no problems starting with the regular strength products, including the Avogen products.   

4.   If you are a long-term acid user, or have used many skincare products and occlusive makeup on a regular basis, your skin will likely be in a state of dysfunction when you start 302.   If you are serious about getting results, you have to stop all your current products, give your skin a rest for as long as it takes to be calmed.  In some cases where there has been long-term use of acids, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, excessive irritation from chemical agents and sunscreens, your skin may need several months of down-time or transitioning.  The underlying problems usually appear when you stop your current products.  You may experience extreme dryness, breakouts, plugs of goo surfacing, advanced sagging and wrinkling.  This reflects the true condition of your skin which has been damaged by the long-term use of irritants and chemicals.  302 can repair it, but you need to start really slow and observe what is happening with your skin.   If you apply an active containing Avogen and see an adverse reaction, your skin may not be ready for 302 actives.  The solution is to extend the transitional period some more.  Continue with the non-Avogen 302 cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens until the skin is calmed before proceeding.  Jumping from one skincare line immediately into 302 Skincare is a common mistake that newbies make; another is mixing other skincare lines with 302 Avogen products.  This can cause undesirable interactions and adverse reactions.  Just be aware of the consequences and scale back if you encounter problems, consult with a 302 professional at the same time. 

5.  302 Skincare uses a step-by-step approach.  You don’t apply the strongest actives, and certainly not more than once at night when beginning.  The general rule is only 1 active at night, rotating actives nightly, and rotate your cleansers in the a.m. and p.m.   The Face/Body bar is an excellent cleanser to use, alternating with another 302 cleanser.  This ensures your skin will not be overwhelmed or fatigued by too many topicals at one time.  We want to prompt the skin into behaving, not force it.   After your transitional period is over, start with 1 active.   If you have sensitive skin, you start with the RX products.  If you have regular skin, you start with the regular products.  If you have acneic skin, there are separate products for you.  There are about 40 products in total, so you see the value in working with a pro.   Unless you have in depth knowledge of each and every product, you probably will have problems with developing a regimen for your issues.  Experienced estheticians who have worked with many skin types and issues are invaluable when using this line, so consult with one when you begin.  

6.  As your skin rebuilds and becomes healthier, you will be able to move up to stronger actives, but there is no rule that requires you to move up at all.  If you see improvements, you can stay with the same level of products.  Over time, however, it best to shake up your regimen so the skin does not get used to any routine.   You want to “surprise” the skin and keep it on its proverbial toes.  Even taking a break from 302 actives, especially when you sense a plateau, is a good idea.  Just continue with the cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen.  You shall be pleasantly surprised that your skin will not take a turn for the worse when you go on these 302 holidays, and will perform even better when you resume.   

7.   Remember, rebuilding the skin is a long-term process, so it will take time and patience on your part to see visible results.   You should think of it as your personal 302 journey.  If you are older, have extremely damaged skin, are chronically ill and take medications, your results will take longer.  If you indulge in aging practices such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, a sedentary or stressful lifestyle, and bad eating habits, this also hinders results.  The healthier you are, the sooner you will see results.  However, if you manage to stay the course and work with your 302 pro, the end result is the same either way….Healthy, beautiful skin, which requires little to maintain it.  You won’t want or need to wear foundation.  You save time, money, and frustration at the end of your journey, and who doesn’t want that?

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