Eat Your Fruits and Veggies for a Healthy Glow

I think the most common request that I hear from women has to be “I want my skin to glow.”  Glow has subjective meaning.  Some people take glow to mean pinkness to the cheeks, or shiny smooth skin, or both.  You can certainly obtain a glow by exfoliating and causing temporary erythema or microinflammation, but that is not sustainable.   Plus, you are prematurely aging the skin with the constant exfoliation.  You don’t want to end up with tight, shiny, unnatural looking skin.   Some women like that look I guess, but it’s not a sign of healthy skin.  We’ve all been told by our parents to eat our veggies and fruits, and for good reason.  It keeps your body functioning at a healthy level by providing nutrients to your cells.  That translates to the skin as well.  I stumbled across this interesting article which shows research that backs this up.  So, if you want a truly healthy glow, eat your carotenoids, the red and orange veggies!!

Check it out:

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