My Favorite Skincare Gadgets – #3: Facial Flex

My 3rd favorite gadget that really produces results without any risk is this little device called Facial Flex.

This is an inexpensive little gadget which helps to train the muscles of the lower face, including the jaw line, neck, and around the mouth area.   I don’t think it does much for the upper cheeks or eyes though, and that’s why I think a microcurrent unit is necessary for those areas.  I don’t find the Tua Trend as tolerable or effective for my jaw and neck area, so I use this little thing instead to keep the jaw line sharp and neck muscles tight.  It works amazingly well for such a simple gadget.      

So, I’ve had this thing for over 5 years now and I still use it about 3x/wk, for about 40 reps at a time.  Basically, you put it between the outer corners of your mouth and exercise your jaw and neck muscles by closing and opening your lips slowly in an “O” shape.   It’s like resistance training for the face muscles.  There are 3 levels of resistance which is controlled by the rubber bands you place on the device.  The rubber bands are very similar to little orthodontic rubber bands used to align braces inside the mouth.  There is a 6 oz, 8 oz, and 14 oz band.  You start with the 6 oz and work your way up.  You can use it every day up to twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, about 40 to 60 reps at a time.  The key is to know when your muscles are getting tired and not over doing it.  Also, make sure you are not creating lines around the mouth by looking in the mirror and using your fingers to hold your cheek areas up as you exercise.  Make sure no creases are occurring when you form your “O”s; otherwise, you will create more lines around the mouth, which is not a good look.  I also look straight upwards towards the ceiling and stretch my neck taut while using the Facial Flex to really work the neck and jaw muscles.  

When done correctly, you will see and feel a tightening of the jaw line and neck.  Turkey gobble chins and jowls are reduced in a matter of a few weeks in most cases.  As long as you keep up with weekly maintenance, results should be sustainable.  In time, you can go longer between sessions and skip a few days in between.       

This type of device has been used for many years as speech and facial rehabilitation devices for people who have weakened facial muscles and speech impairments due to atrophied facial muscles from strokes, burns, and other medical conditions.   See the links below for clinical studies.  So, it has the testing that shows it works, plus many positive testimonials from people who have used it.  So, why not spend $30 and try it out?   It could save you from having to go for plastic surgery.  A sagging jaw line and jowls are areas which age people very easily, and tightening it can make you look years younger.  If you do purchase the Facial Flex, just buy the device without the cream.  The cream contains some questionable ingredients that I would steer clear of, dimethicone which may clog pores, diazolidinyl urea which can be a sensitizer and irritant, and paraben preservatives which could be endocrine disruptors, estrogenic, and toxic to organs. 

The device is well-built and should last forever.  You will need to buy replacement bands, but those are not too expensive, about $8 for a 6-month supply.   Or you can try getting for free, or buying for a few bucks, orthodontic bands at your kid’s local orthodontist office which can work just as well.   Just double up if the strength is not enough for you.   Happy flexing! 



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