Supplements for a Healthy Skin and Body

One of the major factors in an anti-aging program is to nourish your body (which includes the skin) with the nutrients it needs.  If you want optimal results from your skin care regimen, your mind and body also has to be healthy and functioning at its best.  Many people don’t associate having good skin with being healthy, but it’s very apparent when you look at people of the same age who have great skin and people who do not.  Smokers and heavy drinkers usually age faster than nonsmokers, with more wrinkles and age spots.  Being stressed and chronically ill or deprived of sleep shows on your skin.  Eating poorly or taking excessive medications affects the skin.  Your skin is a direct reflection of your overall health, especially the older you get.  

Ideally, you should get your nutrients from whole, natural, and organic food.  Minimize the junk, processed, fast foods.  Avoid additives and chemicals.  Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles, eating enough of the proper foods is next to impossible.  To help obtain your health goals, you should consider supplementing your meals with additional vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory supplements.

I’ve listed below my standard supplements for overall anti-aging and health.  I break up the dosing during the day (3 times a day) so I’m not popping a bunch of pills all at once.  I rotate and suspend some supplements temporarily to shake up the routine every few months.  I also tend to skip most of the vitamins on the weekend, so I do not become dependent on taking them.     

Many of these have multiple benefits, but I tried to categorize them by their main use:


1.  Puritan Pride Green Source, an excellent multivitamin based on whole foods and herbals.  A good overall multivitamin; however, they are pretty large tablets. 

2.  E3Live, 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (blue-green algae), or AFA for short.   Organic, wild-harvested  from Lake Klamath, Oregon.  A green superfood, it provides 64 vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a biologically active form, easily digested.  You can purchase liquid or capsules.  

3.  Vitamin D3, a crucial vitamin for preventing a myriad of diseases, including cancer, musculoskeletal, and pulmonary diseases.  I take 5000 IUs a day to keep my vitamin D level at 80.  A level of 30-100 is good; however, cancer survivors should strive for a level of  60+.  As suggested by my nutritionist, if you are dosing very high vitamin D3 levels, use a 5 days on/2 days off schedule to prevent the chance of liver toxicity/overload.  Better yet, try to get natural vitamin D by exposing your arms and legs (with no sunscreen) for 10-15 minutes a few times a week.   

4.  B-complex vitamins, very important for metabolism, nervous system, healthy skin, hair, and vision.  

Antioxidants/Immune Boosters/Cancer Prevention:  To protect against free radical damage to cells, improve cell health, and boost the immune system to ward off stray cancer cells.  I encourage you to research all of these wonderful supplements and read about their health benefits. 

1.  Ubiquinol (a more active form of CoQ10)

2.  Alpha Lipoic Acid with Biotin

3.  EGCG Green Tea Extract

4.  Resveratrol

5.  Curcumin with bioperine

6.  Coriolus Versicolor PSK mushroom extract

7.  BroccoMax with Sulforaphane (SGS)

8.  Astragalus

9.  Melatonin (take only before bedtime, as it will make you sleepy)

10.  Selenium methylselenocysteine.

11.  astaxanthin.

Liver and Detox Support

1.   Milk thistle (Silymarin).  Take this supplement to prevent elevated liver enzymes which can lead to liver disease, especially if you drink alcohol on a regular basis.  A functioning liver is key to preventing many illnesses and staying healthy.    

2.  Modifilan.  Made from a brown seaweed, Laminaria Japonica, harvested from the Pacific waters off Russia, this supplement optimizes thyroid function and detoxifies heavy metals from the body.  It was used extensively to detox victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. 

Cardiovascular/Circulatory system

1.  Neptune Krill Oil, the ultimate Omega 3 supplement (better than fish oil)

2.  Nattokinase.   A natural proteolytic enzyme which is good for preventing blood clots (DVTs) and dissolving scar tissue. 


1.  Black currant oil (excellent for skin health and moisture retention)

2.  MSM (for joint and skin health).

Online Vitamin and Supplement Sources: 

My two favorite sources for vitamins and supplements are and Puritan’s Pride.  Both have extremely easy-to-use websites, fast ordering, fast shipping, and prices are competitive. offers free shipping over $40 and bonus discounts for frequent customers.  The discount increases depending on how much you order.  Puritan’s Pride offers BOGOs all the time, buy 1 get 1 free, buy 2 get 3 free, etc.   

Important:  Before You Go Buying any Supplements:

Before I started taking any of these on a regular basis, I consulted with my nutritionist who also specializes in oncology patients.   If you have existing medical conditions or take medications, some supplements may not be suitable for you.  So, before you add any supplements or stop prescribed medications, you need to consult with your family doctor first.  Everybody’s requirements will be different, but for me, I find this combination of vitamins and supplements (along with proper diet and exercise) is doing wonders for me.  Before using any of these supplements, research them and see if any would be beneficial for your health issues. 

On this current regimen, I’m maintaining healthy lipid and liver profiles, along with consistently low blood pressure readings.  All my lab results have been excellent for the last 6 years.  I had stage II breast cancer 6 years ago and am still in full remission.  At 55, I have no aches or pains, no postmenopausal symptoms, no major illnesses, seldom catch colds or flu.  I’m on no medications.  Plus my skin looks great!   Aging doesn’t mean your mind or body has to fall apart.  

And remember, healthy body = healthy skin.  



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