My Favorite Skincare Gadgets #4 and #5 – DreamSkin Pillowcase and Chiroflow Pillow

Okay, these are not typical gadgets in the true sense of the word “gadget”.  There are no moving parts.  However, I consider them skincare gadgets because they leave my skin creaseless and well hydrated in the morning, and I feel refreshed from a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is when your body renews itself, and that includes your skin cells, so it’s very important you get adequate sleep if you want your skin to look its best.  

The Dreamy DreamSkin Pillowcase

If you sleep on typical pillowcases made from cotton, silk, or satin, even very high thread counts, you could develop lines on your face, known as the dreaded “sleep crease or line”.  To avoid this problem, sleeping on your back is ideal, but many people unconsciously change positions or can’t sleep on their back due to back pain or snoring.  Undoubtedly, smashing your face into a pillow is going to produce the sleep lines, unless your skin is extremely resilient and well hydrated.  If you have dry skin, thin skin, mature skin, you will likely develop sleep lines on a regular basis.  The older you are, the longer it takes for the lines to go away after waking up.  It can take hours sometimes for them to flatten and, unfortunately, may turn into permanent wrinkles over time.  So, in the quest for less sleep lines and to prevent wrinkles from forming, I started using silk or satin pillowcases years ago.  They worked better than cotton ones, but I still got the lines occasionally, and they still took forever to go away.

I learned about this pillowcase called DreamSkin in a skincare forum.  It sounded interesting, but was a bit pricey at $40 for 1 pillowcase.  So, I had my doubts.   But I went to the website, and I saw that one of the inventors was Dr. Peter T. Pugliese.  I had actually read some of his articles about skin physiology in trade magazines for skin professionals, so I knew of him already, and that sold me.  I read about how it was constructed and how it worked.  It has 22,000 microfilaments per square inch, and it is incredibly soft to touch.   It’s not slippery feeling like satin or silk though.  It’s just very soft and luxurious feeling. There are no chemicals used in the fabric, which is trademarked as JuveTex.  Satisfied that it had some science to back up its claims, I took a gamble and ordered a couple pillowcases.  They are hard to find online and are not in stores, so I just ordered it from the main website.  Check out the product details and read testimonials about the pillowcase there:

After sleeping on this pillowcase for over 4 months now, I can definitely say it eliminates sleep creases.  The manufacturer claims the JuveTex fabric helps the skin retain moisture during sleep which, in turn, reduces wrinkling over time.  You can consider it a nighttime moisturizer of sorts, without having to apply anything on your skin.  The JuveTex fabric does not wick moisture away as cottons, silks, and satins do.  You wake up with more hydrated, unlined skin.  In addition to possibly reducing wrinkles, it also claims to reduce hair breakage and “bed head”.  I usually put my hair in a ponytail, so I can’t attest to that.  

The manufacturers of JuveTex call it an “anti-aging” fabric.  I won’t go that far, but I will say this is the most comfy pillowcase I’ve ever slept on, and its claim about reducing sleep creases is accurate, and for those reasons alone, I will shell out the $40 a pillowcase.  I don’t have any wrinkling yet, and this is just one more gadget to help prevent that from happening prematurely.  Be aware that the pillowcase is not going to look glamorous.  It comes in one color – white, and is a zippered case.  It is a little stretchy, but it will not fit a king size pillow.  It fits standard or queen size pillows only.  I just hide it under my other more decorative pillows.

Chiroflow – The Best Pillow for Comfort and Support

I put the DreamSkin pillowcase over my Chiroflow chiropractic pillow, which is a water-filled pillow.  It looks like a regular pillow, except that under a layer of thick fiberfill and waterproof lining there is a water bladder which you fill from the tap.  You can empty and wash the pillow in the washing machine.  It’s SOOO comfortable, just like a waterbed for your head.  I’ve only used this water-filled pillow for at least 5 years now, and it’s very comfortable.  I never have neck pain with this pillow, and I won’t sleep on regular pillows anymore.   Once you get one, you will never want to sleep on anything else.   Its highly adjustable design allows you to fill the pillow with water up the desired level of support you need, from really floppy to extremely hard.  I fill it to medium support, and it cradles my head so I’m more likely to sleep on my back.  If you can sleep on your back most of the night, it reduces the likelihood of puffy eyes and sleep creases in the morning.  Just like a waterbed, it automatically adjusts while you sleep to  support your neck and head.  No squashed pillows and no having to punch your pillow out every night.  You can find these Chiroflow pillows (another brand is called Mediflow) at chiropractor offices sometimes.  Amazon carries them too.  I know, $45 for one pillow sounds steep, but I’ve had my pillow for at least 5 years, and it still works great.  This only comes in a standard size.  There is a plastic funnel device for opening and filling the Chiroflow.  Be sure you never lose this funnel, or you will have a hard time opening the cap or getting the water in the pillow without making a mess.

So, this is another wonderful gadget for a better night’s sleep, and restful sleep is one of those things you need for beautiful skin.  They don’t call it Beauty Sleep for nothing.    

Sweet Dreams! 



2 responses to “My Favorite Skincare Gadgets #4 and #5 – DreamSkin Pillowcase and Chiroflow Pillow

  1. Hi there,

    Was just wondering if you have tried any of the “other” beauty pillows around? I am looking at buying one as am worried about sleep lines. The one I am looking at in particular is the Save My Face Pillow. To be honest I would prefer to have a normal shaped pillow such as a water fill pillow but the Save My Face company seems to suggest that sleep lines are caused, for the most part, by side sleeping (and obviously front sleeping) as the cheek part of the face is on the pillow which subsequently pushes the skin up and causes lines such as nasolabial lines. Thus the Save My Face Pillow has an odd shape with the idea that when a person is sleeping on their side if the head and chin are supported then the cheek can be suspended instead of touching the pillow. This sounds rather uncomfortable to me with the potential to make someone loose sleep but many of the reviewers seem to be keen on it. The Save My Face Pillow offers the standard satin and silk covers plus some other ones but not the Juvetex Fabric which does sound better even though the company claims that silk and satin are adequate fabrics to prevent creases and keep the skin hydrated.

    I have been trying to sleep on my back but as you say it is very hard to stay like this all night (sometimes at all). Anyway when I do sleep on my back I like the pillow to be thin as otherwise it gives me neck ache. Then when I am on my side I like it to be slightly thicker to keep my spine aligned. Would the Waterfill Pillow adapt to these requirements automatically when changing sleeping position or is it a case of filling it to a certain level and then it staying that height more or less whether on your side or back? If the latter would you recommend the pillow to me for back sleeping as I personally like it to raise my head only slightly when on my back i.e. is it possible for the pillow to be thin?

    Sorry about all the questions just really want to get to the bottom of the whole pillow/pillow case issue as I have been wondering about it for some time and my current pillow is pretty hopeless at not giving me neck ache let alone sleep lines!



    • Hi Emily

      No, I haven’t tried other beauty pillows like the Save My Face Pillow”. I thought they looked too uncomfortable and I don’t know how you would sleep on your back comfortably with that. The preferred position for sleep is on your back, for spine alignment and reduction of sleep lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes. That said, I sleep about 50/50 on my back and side. I’m a shifter. I know I should sleep on my back all the time, but the fetal position is comforting to me. The water pillow is very good for back sleepers. Because your head is cradles in the middle (there is a dip) it’s easier to sleep on your back without your head rolling from side to side. It’s like a waterbed for your head. If you don’t overfill it too much and squeeze out any air pockets, you should have a thin platform for your head which will support your neck. I used to get neck aches all the time but with this pillow I never have them anymore. If you sleep on the side, you can put your head to the side and that is slightly higher than the middle. When sleeping sideways, I sometimes slip my hand (palm down) under my temple to support my head and help prevent N/L lines, but I never get sleep lines with the Dreamskin on the pillow.

      I would go and read all the reviews on about water pillows and see if it could work for you. Make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work out. The majority of people using them have a history of neck and back pain. They are commonly recommended by chiropractors. I’m very happy with mine, but it takes some fine-tuning to see what level of firmness works best for you.

      Good Luck!


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