302 Product Announcements for May 2011

I am fortunate to be receiving the latest developments from 302 Professional Skincare on a regular basis, and I will post them on the blog as I get them.  Normally, only 302 professionals get these updates.  I received the following updates today.  I find that 302 Skincare continually updates and improve their products to meet consumers’ needs.  They listen to their clients.  These latest changes will address skin types which are extremely sensitive and need the fewest ingredients possible which means excluding even essential oils and fragrance.  They call these products their “RX” line of products.  Many natural and organic lines contain essential oils and some people just can’t tolerate them.  They’ve heard the complaints, and they’ve come up with solutions.

So if you are one of those people who just can’t tolerate anything and have extremely fragile and reactive skin, the newest 302 RX offerings are for you. 

Here is the product announcement, pretty much as I got it.   If you are interested in ordering, ask your 302 professional for pricing and details. 

Travel Kits Available – Stock up now for summer travel!

Travel Essentials:
Travel Size:  Sensitive Cleanser, Calming Mist, Face & Body Bar, Recovery Plus: Intensive, Ointment Rx (1oz) in Red Organza Bag with Instruction Booklet.

Travel Essentials Rx:
Travel Size: Sensitive Cleanser Rx, Calming Mist Rx, Face & Body Bar, Recovery Plus: Intensive Rx, Ointment Rx (1oz) in Red Organza Bag with Instruction Booklet.

302 Consumer Catalogs

Our beautiful new product catalogs are here! A content-rich 24 pages featuring detailed descriptions of our products.

New Products and Changes to the Product Line

New Products:
302 Serum
is now also available as 302 Serum Rx – an essential oil and fragrance free version.

Lightening Drops is now also available as Lightening Drops Rx – an essential oil and fragrance free version.
A-Boost Rx is now available and also essential oil and fragrance free – this is very helpful for inflammatory acne cases.  The regular A-Boost is most often applied in Aging regimes.

302 Acne Drops is now available ONLY as 302 Acne Drops Rx – the primary role of this product is to treat inflammatory acne and so, it is only logical that we drop any essential oils in the product to reduce the chance of irritation to a very low order.
Acne Cleanser is now available ONLY as Acne Cleanser Rx – many of our physician users are providing this cleanser for rosacea patients and we want to reduce the possibility of irritation caused by essential oils. The formula has also been improved overall.

SIDEBAR: Hydrosols
Some of you have asked about the irritation potential of the organic ingredients from plants that are found often in the first few ingredients listed on our labels – things like “certified organic extracts of chamomile, rosemary, lemon balm” and so on and how these differ from the essential oils from the same plants or others like lavender.
These extracts are hydrosols – that is, they are what we get when we soak the plants in water. Water-soluble components are not irritating and are very different than the essential oils extracted by distillation or pressing – these essential oils can be sensitizing over time. So, if someone is sensitive to lavender oil, it is highly unlikely they will be sensitive to a lavender hydrosol – just as someone who is sensitive to rose hips will not be sensitive to the vitamin C extracted from the rose hips.


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