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You Can Beat Aging!

I know you can slow aging tremendously, but I was curious if reversing the signs of aging was possible without plastic surgery.  I was looking through some old photos the other day and did a little side-to-side comparison of pictures of me ranging from age 39 to 56 (a span of 17 years).  I wanted to see if I looked much worse, the same, or better after my conversion to the “Skincare Revolution” 6 years ago.  Well, I think I actually look better than when I was in my 40s.  These are some photos that show the progression of my aging face.  Top row from left to right (age 39, age 45).  Middle row from left to right (age 46, age 54).  Last row from left to right (age 55 and age 56).  The last shot is from a week ago in July 2011.  You can click on each picture for a larger view.  I’ve never had Botox, wrinkle fillers, or facelifts.  I tried to find shots in outdoor lighting for as fair a comparison as possible.   

Of note, on my age 46 picture, you can clearly see an acne scar indentation on my left cheek.  This was the biggest scar I had.  It’s filled in significantly since 2005, and I have to give credit to my skincare regimen, especially 302 in conjunction with needling and ultrasound.  I still have a tiny remnant of that scar, but it is barely visible.   There is one other scar on my right cheek, but that is also miniscule.  All my other scars have evened out over the last 6 years.  That said, I realize my skin is not flawless.  I will never have the skin of a 20-year-old again.  I still have a few spots of faint hyperpigmentation, but for age 56 I look pretty good, and I’m happy with that.   


How to Slow or Reverse the Signs of Aging Naturally

So, I think there is hope for all us aging baby boomers.  The ironic part is that I use less skincare products, less makeup, and spend less time on my face than when I was younger than 50.  In fact, the last 3 shots were taken with just 302 Recovery Mineral powder sunscreen on my skin.  Prior to 2005 and my use of 302 Skincare, I had to wear heavy liquid or cake foundation and concealer to cover my hyperpigmentation and acne scars.  Of course, in these pictures, I do have eye and lip makeup on.  But for everyday running around, I forgo the eye makeup and just do a little eyebrow pencil, lip tint, and I look very presentable.  If you want to slow or reverse the signs of aging, try to incorporate the following lifestyle habits into your daily routine.  All are proven methods to slow down the biological aging process.  The goal is to get your body into the best shape possible, at an ideal weight, which ultimately reflects on your face as being youthful and healthy.      

1.  Exercise 3 or 4 times a week.  I find programs incorporating both aerobic and weight training best.  I often use peak cycling methods where I cycle between 30 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 60 seconds of recovery, then another 30 seconds of intense activity, followed by 60 seconds of recovery; this is repeated for 8 cycles.  This could be any kind of exercise (running, biking, rowing, etc.) as long as it brings your heart rate up to the point of exhaustion in the peak phase.  This method reduces the required exercise time to about 35 minutes yet produces maximum HGH (human growth hormones) which slows aging. 

2.  Eliminate stress.   Stress produces cortisol and shortens telomeres, both related to aging. 

3.  Sleep at least 8 hours, uninterrupted.   Your cells regenerate and receive nourishment mostly during your sleeping hours.    

4.  Eat organic when possible, mostly fruits/vegetables, lean protein, low carbohydrate, unprocessed or raw, low fat foods 90% of the time.  But you can splurge once in awhile.  I still eat the occasional dessert and fried food, but just in moderation.         

5.  Use safe organic, natural, and effective skincare, makeup, body and hair treatments.  Minimize the number of products used.   What goes on your skin accumulates in your body over time.  

6.  If needed, incorporate some safe and effective skincare gadgets for home use.  See my previous blog articles on my favorite ones.   

7.  Eliminate mutagenic toxins from the home and work environment as much as possible.   Change toxic chemicals to more natural alternatives.   Many chemicals affect cell DNA and can cause mutations and cell death or aberrant behavior (as in cancer).        

8.  Don’t smoke.  This is the number one cause for wrinkles after sun exposure. 

9.  Get some regular sun to promote vitamin D production.  Don’t burn though!  I don’t advocate lying in the sun for hours at a stretch every day.  Exposing your legs and arms to sunlight for 10-15 minutes is adequate.  Use physical sunscreen only on the face, neck, chest and hands when outside to prevent premature aging on those delicate areas. 

10.  Supplement your diet if necessary with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and health promoting supplements and vitamins. 

11.  Reduce or eliminate the need for medications.  Medications often affect the skin, causing it to become frail, dry, sensitive, or sluggish. 

12.  Keep a positive attitude.  People who think this way are more likely to achieve their goals. 

13.  Never stop learning.  So many advancements and discoveries are made each year, and you have to keep on top of the latest information and research.  In this age of technology and instant news, this is not hard to do if you have a computer.  Don’t just go with the status quo, because the status quo may not be the best option anymore. 

So those are my tips for feeling and looking younger.   In essence, it summarizes what the Skincare Revolution is all about.  There is nothing extreme here, no fad diet, no plastic surgery required, no outrageous amount of time or money needed.  Just get back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life!