Dry Skin Brushing for Healthy Skin and Body

Skin Brushing is a great way to detox and smooth your skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and  remove toxins by moving lymph fluid through the body, into the lymph nodes, and out via the urinary and gastrointestinal systems.  With all the toxins we encounter on a daily basis from processed foods, chemicals in personal care products, and the environment we live in, detoxifying the body using dry skin brushing is also a great way to boost your immune system and overall health.  The skin, like other organs of the body, accumulates toxins within its cells, and brushing helps to move them out faster.  Dr. Bernard Jensen, a well-known holistic practitioner once did an analysis of skin debris resulting from skin brushing, and he was shocked by all the chemicals and heavy metals that were mixed in with the skin cells.  As a result, he became a huge advocate of dry skin brushing for detoxification of the body, and he practiced it on himself until he died.  Even into his 80s, his skin was smooth and wrinkle free.  So, this is most visible benefit.  Your skin will feel soft, supple, and have a natural glow after brushing on a regular basis.   Dry brushing brings circulation into the skin which, in turn, provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.  It invigorates the skin naturally without using topicals.  It’s also inexpensive and easy to do.  It’s a great way to reduce cellulite too.

It’s important to use a natural bristle brush which will not tear up or irritate your skin.   I use this one from Tonya Zavasta’s website.  It looks like a shoe shine brush, but it covers a large area which is good for the arms, legs, and stomach and is gentle enough for the face.


Here is another good one for the body with a detachable long handle for the back.  I don’t recommend using this one on the face, it’s too stiff:


Both brushes together cost under $20, so that’s a bargain.

You can brush anytime you have a few minutes to spare.  I usually do it right before my shower or in bed while watching TV.  It really feels great, and I look forward to the few minutes of pampering myself this way.  When you begin brushing, especially on the face, it might feel slightly unpleasant or harsh.   Go very lightly until your skin adjusts.  Eventually you can use more pressure, and your skin will love the tingling sensation.   I would not do the face every day if you start feeling any irritation.  I try to brush my face 3 times a week, and my body once a day, but it really doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two.  I wouldn’t recommend brushing on compromised or broken skin (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.).  Also, make sure you brush in the correct directions to move toxins and lymph fluid into the lymph nodes as shown in this diagram:

  That is, towards the outside of your face, down the neck, towards the heart and towards the armpits.  Brush upward on the arms, legs, and stomach areas.   Concentrate on brushing down the neck, down the décolleté, and around the jaw line to help reduce slackened skin and neck rings.

Skin brushing has so many benefits with no risks, so I hope that you give it a try.  You might just get hooked on it too!


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