How to Throw Away Your Reading Glasses

One thing that has really bugged me the last decade or so is the need for reading glasses for close-up reading.  It’s a sure sign that you are over 40 if you are seen wearing them.  Plus they are a pain to keep track of.  I don’t know where they all go, but somehow, between me and my husband, we would have to buy the 6-pack of reading glasses at Costco every 3 months it seems.   Many times, they would break or get chewed up by the dog… plus they made marks on my nose.  So, I wanted to be rid of reading glasses.  I had tried the bifocal contacts and monovision contacts.  Both failures.    

Having been nearsighted all my life (legally blind), wearing glasses, contacts, and then undergoing eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness in the 1980s, I really didn’t like the idea of having to use reading glasses now after so many years of perfect vision.  My work involves being on the computer all day long.  So, I wondered if there was anything I could do to naturally correct this condition of old-age, officially known as presbyopia.  Turns out, there is, and I’m typing this article now without any reading glasses!!!  It’s so liberating and wonderful being able to see things like receipts, menus, and pill bottles without having to dig around for reading glasses anymore.

How did I do this, you ask?  Well I investigated for natural methods to correct presbyopia.  There are several programs you can use, books you can buy, gadgets you can use such as pinhole glasses, but the cheapest and fastest method seemed to be this:

It is a program developed by ophthalmologist, Dr. Ray Gottlieb, and offered by Cambridge Institute for Better Vision for about $30.  It’s called the “Read Without Glasses Method”.  This is especially for presbyopia, “old age” vision.  It’s not for nearsightedness or myopia.  It comes with a couple of charts and a DVD.  You can watch the DVD in 15 minutes, and the chart is nothing special, but is instrumental in your eye exercises which will reverse the presbyopia.

This may sound “too good to be true” but there is science beyond the method.  The method uses “convergence” of the eyes to strengthen the focusing ability of your eyes for close-up vision.  Convergence is the same as crossing your eyes.  When you cross your eyes, you will notice that near vision becomes sharper.  This convergence phenomenon has been known about for at least 100 years but  Dr. Gottlieb was the first person to use as a treatment for presbyopia.  The caveat is that this method will only work if:

1.   You have two fully functioning eyes. 

2.   You can cross or converge your eyes easily.   

3.   You maintain the exercises, which at minimum is 6 minutes a day in the beginning.  Once your eyes have improved consistently, you can reduce the amount of exercise to once every 5 days or even longer, but it has to be kept up, or your eyes revert back.   But, it’s not a huge investment of time.  You can do it anywhere, anytime.   

Another caveat:  Not everybody will succeed at this program.  If you are not able to give up the glasses at all when first starting, then you may get frustrated and give up.  The key is to keep practicing the eye exercises and “try” to read without glasses, even if it is a little bit blurry.  It is frustrating in the beginning, and you will want to reach for the glasses, but resist the urge.  It does get better over time.  I’ve been doing the program for a month now, and I still have times when my vision is not really sharp (in the morning or when I’m tired), but my vision is really sharp towards the afternoon and evening hours, as if I were wearing my  +1.25 glasses.  Even my night and distance vision has improved, so that’s a bonus.  I think it will be even better as time goes on, so I keep up with my exercises, about 3 times a day, 6 minutes at a time.  For me, I saw an improvement almost immediately, the first day or two.  The key to success is attitude and perseverance.   It does work for the majority of people.  It’s only $30 (money back guarantee), so it’s not a big loss even if it doesn’t work for you.  But I would give it at least a month before deciding if it’s working or not.  The exercise itself is in 2 parts; you converge your eyes onto the chart two ways.  It’s very easy to do once you have the method down.  The DVD explains it very well.    

Again, I will say it’s tough in the beginning and if you are extremely presbyopic, it may take a month or two to get your eyes to the point where your vision is sharp all day long.  It’s also important you take care of your overall health and use supplements which promote eye health such as lutein and asthaxanthin, turmeric, black currant oil, vitamin C, NAC, ALA, zinc, and copper.  

If you are interested in this method, check out the following link.   There is more information about the science behind the method, and a little test you can take to see if you would be a good candidate for this method:

So, hope this helps some of you out there who are experiencing “old age” vision problems.   It’s yet another amazing testament to our body’s natural ability to heal itself if given the right environment and tools.


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