My 7-Year Love Affair with 302 Skincare

Just wanted to pop in and announce this is my 7th year of using 302 Skincare.   I’ve pretty much stopped looking at other lines and have been exclusively using 302 products for the last 4 years straight.  The routine is still ridiculously simple:

1.  Wash with water in the morning.

2.  Recovery Minerals if in the sun for any length of time; otherwise I don’t bother.

3.  Wash with a 302 cleanser at night.  I alternate between 2 and the Face/Body Bar.

4.  Apply 302 Plus Serum on Wednesday night, Clarity as a wash-off on Sunday night.  Nothing the rest of the week.  This is my current routine, but I switch 302 products during the year to shake things up.

That’s it.  Simple, takes minutes a day, no big expense involved.   Plus my skin, at age 56 (and 6 months) is not irritated, feels plump, smooth, and hydrated.  I can go without foundation or concealers.  My acne scars are 98% gone by now.   I never thought I would stick to one line for so long, but I feel no need to look further.  Sometimes simplicity produces the most unexpected results.

Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!

8 responses to “My 7-Year Love Affair with 302 Skincare

  1. That’s pretty impressive! I was looking into 302 myself, but found it to be expensive. When you say that your acne scars are 98% gone, are you talking about pit scars or acne hyperpigmentation? Also, do you think your use of dermaroller helped the scars?

    Thanks! Indy

    • Hi Indy,

      To answer your questions, yes, yes, and yes! When I started 302 skincare 7 years ago, I had scars all over my cheeks and jaw area, a mix of rolling, boxcar, and icepicks. I used the dermaroller to break up the old scar tissue, but the 302 Avogen helped to soften the tissue and rebuild the collagen. After I had about 90% improvement I stopped using the dermaroller and concentrated on individual scars with single needles and ultrasound. The dermaroller was painful to use and there is the danger of infection so I have no plans to use it again. I have two remaining pin head sized depressions, but they are so small I don’t plan to needle them and trust the Avogen and ultrasound will in time fully flatten those. The thing about using 302 is that you are rebuilding the skin’s health, not just temporarily hiding surface flaws by inflammation or immunosuppressive treatments (Obagi/HQ). When you stop those sorts of treatments, the scars and hyperpigmentation come right back because it is not addressing the root cause of the problems. When your skin is functioning well, you don’t need much to keep it looking good. The practice of overstressing and overloading the skin, especially as you age, is one of the biggest mistakes in anti-aging. I can honestly say my skin looks better than it did when I was in my 40s and requires much less to keep it that way. The changes are permanent, because I can stop all the products for weeks, and it stays the same.

      As for being expensive, it’s really not. Yes, the products can cost a lot, more than drugstore, but probably no more than high-end department store. But look at the ingredients and you will see all the ingredients are there for a reason. Each has a purpose. There are no fillers, unneeded fancy sounding antioxidants, perfumes, coloring, things that can irritate the skin. Also, remember you do not apply these actives on a daily or twice daily basis. In fact, you need to use very little or you will cause yourself problems because these products are potent. More is not better. They last as long or longer then your high-end products. They have little trial sizes and travel sets too, if you are interested in trying out the products, but don’t want to spend a whole lot in the beginning. Connect with a 302 esthy and she can tell you about all the different sets available. As you can see I’m still a big fan of 302 …sorry for the long discourse

      Best of luck


  2. Wow! You look amazing at 56. I’m 54 and have acne scars and 2 surgery scars from having calcified cysts removed from my face. They are starting to show even more because of aging. My skin is losing it’s elasticity and the scars form more of a wrinkle when I smile. Anyway, 302 Skincare sounds wonderful. Do you think it would help me? I would consider purchasing an ultrasound machine and LED device. I’m hesitant about the needling??? I really appreciate your time and help. Thank you!!! Priscilla : )

    • Hi Priscilla
      Thanks so much for reading the blog. Yes, 302 will help scars… it is the only topical I know of that can repair scars and improve the condition of the skin at the same time, without having to harm the skin barrier. Acid peels, dermabrasion, and lasers can all lessen scars, but you have the potential of causing more scarring if done incorrectly. There is no chance of this happening with 302 (Avogen). It corrects the scar and encourages new collagen and elastin and makes your skin healthier, like when it was younger. You don’t need to do the needling right away. The ultrasound with 302 skincare may be all you need. It depends on how well your skin responds. I find that people that haven’t used a whole lot of skincare products before (making their skin more thin, irritated/sensitive) get the best results the fastest. As for a 302 pro to buy from, I would try to find a 302 esthestician in your town if possible. Use the locator function on the 302 website. Then you can get face-to-face advice. Make sure the esty has used the products herself and has at least 1 year of experience using it on clients. It has a learning curve. If there is no one in town, any one of the recommended esthys on the 302 locator service are excellent. These people have a lot of experience and the company recommends them. Of people on that list, I know Dan Dugan and Jennifer Sciallaci personally and they are very good people to work with. They have their own personal stories about 302 and how it changed their lives. Ask them about it. Tell them Nancy said “Hi”.

      As far as ultrasound, I’ve only bought from Bellaire Industries. Mr Yeung is the owner. Let him know you’re using 302 and about me and this blog. He “may” give your a discount on the units. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

      Keep up with the blog. I will be announcing something very exciting soon, and it will help your scars even more.

  3. Also, where do you like to purchase your 302 products and where did you get you ultrasound? Thanks again! Priscilla

  4. I ordered the 302 Serum RX and Recovery Plus. I’m having more break-outs & oiler skin with the new routine (I think I may apply the Recovery Plus too heavily) and having a difficult time giving up my other skincare products on the days I am not using the Serum RX. I seem have more wrinkles on the days I don’t use the Serum. The other products probably just temporarily plump the skin. How important is it in the beginning to just use the 302 Serum every other day with nothing else? Do you know why you use the serum only once a day? Does it build up in your skin over time? I haven’t had any redness or dry skin. I’ve been on it about a week. How long before I see some improvement would you say? You’ve been very helpful and I appreciate it very much! When are you going make your announcement on what will help scars even more? I also had purchased an LED device like the Baby Quasar and just wondered if you’ve done any research into these devices for anti-aging benefits? Thanks again!!! Priscilla : )

    • Hi Priscilla,

      I just wrote a very long response and accidentally erased it …Ugh! Anyway I will try again and condense it in a shorter reply.

      Yes, I recommend you stop all other products including moisturizers, liquid sunscreen, liquid makeup. No actives, not even 302 actives, for at least 1 to 2 weeks. You need to see what your skin REALLY looks like with no products on it. Just wash with water in the am, mild cleanser at night. Use mineral powder sunscreen and mineral makeup if necessary. Liquid sunscreen and makeup, primers, concealers, are big skin cloggers 99% of the time. The less stuff you apply, the less clogged pores you will have. If once you stop everything, you see your skin go into a rapid decline (dry, irritated, breaking out), you will then know it’s a withdrawal reaction from your old products and not being caused by the 302 Serum. If this happens, you have to calm your skin before starting 302 actives. There are specific transitional 302 products meant just for this situation, ask your 302 pro about them. Don’t start 302 until the skin is in a calm state, otherwise you will aggravate the withdrawal symptoms.

      Once you are able to start applying 302 Serum RX, follow the recommended dose, 1x every other day is adequate. It’s a strong active, the concentration is higher than typical OTC skincare. Use it sparingly. Over application does not speed results and may cause irritation.

      If you were a long-term acid user (AHA, glycolic, BHA, lactic, Retin-A, etc) be prepared for plugs and/or breakouts to occur for the first few weeks or in very severe cases, a few months. Long-term acid use creates an artificially increased turnover rate, but it also results in poor quality collagen formation, fragmented collagen, collections of waste material like lipofuscin (see link below) which sits stagnant in the skin and makes the skin dysfunctional, like a clogged drain. Eventually the skin starts looking worse after repeated exfoliations. When you introduce the Avogen molecule, it’s like turning on a switch, telling the skin to start cleaning up all this collected gunk. It’s a strong metabolite for skin. When the skin’s waste mechanism starts working properly again, it pushes all the gunk up and out to the surface, and voila, you see plugs and blemishes result. This usually doesn’t happen for people who have never used acids or exfoliators. But keep in mind, this is a temporary phase. Once you get over this hurdle, the plugs lessen and then stop occurring, the skin starts to rebuild and becomes healthier from that point on. Again, there are 302 products that will help with blemishes and/or you can have an esthy extract the plugs to speed the process along.

      So, I would stop whatever else you’re doing and slowly transition (as described above) to just 302 products…. Otherwise you can’t really tell what 302 is doing or not doing for your skin. In reading about negative results with 302, it’s usually because people don’t follow directions. they continue to use other products while using 302, or they don’t transition, they just jump right into it. You really need to do it correctly or not do it at all. There may be some benign products you can use with 302, but you need to consult with the 302 pro on your current products compatibility. In any case, NO acids is a big rule. You will mess your skin up if you use Avogen with acids.

      I can’t tell you when you will see results, really depends on the individual state of skin, health, habits, age, etc, but in general, by 3 to 6 months you should see visible improvements in scarring and texture of the skin. Hyperpigmentation takes longer, up to a year depending on severity. The 302 products are not overnight, miracle products. But they work and are sustainable, they aren’t quick fix temporary surface fixes. They really change the cellular structure and function of the skin

      The LED is a good gadget for reducing inflammation and anti-aging, just need to be consistent with it .

      The big announcement is near, next couple weeks, maybe sooner. Stay tuned!

      Hope this helps…I know the skincare transitioning is challenging in the beginning, but once you get over the initial hurdles, it is very simple and easy to maintain your results.


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