A Plug for Zello Walkie Talkie App

My husband is a software programmer, and this is his baby…just got released on the Apple App Store a few days ago.  It runs on IPhone, Android, BlackBerry and PCs.  It’s a free app too, which is the best part.  It replaces your old-fashioned walkie-talkies.  If you want to reach somebody without having to text or call, this is your app.  I use it to contact my hubby in the house.  When he’s working downstairs and I’m upstairs, I just “Zello” him.  It’s much faster than walking downstairs, plus he can’t talk over me…(the best part).   Also good when I’m at the store and have to ask him what brand of salsa he wants.   There is also a neat feature called “Channels” where you can create a channel for your friends or  general public access, just like a chat room but only one person can talk at a time.  There are existing channels already where people from all over the world can chat to each other, which makes for some pretty interesting listening at times. Be forewarned, there is profanity on some of these channels.  So don’t listen while kids are near.

So check it out.  Here’s a short video about it.  The real interface is greatly improved from the Beta version on this YouTube video.


Here’s the Zello website:  http://zello.com/

Go Zello some friends today!

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