Study Shows Parabens in Cancerous Breast Tissue

Having had breast cancer 6 years ago, this really hits home.

A recent study has shown parabens being detected at an alarmingly high rate of 99% in cancerous breast tissue.  If you thought topicals can’t ever get into internal body tissues, this study totally blows that theory.  Anything you put on your skin can accumulate in the body if exposed long enough to it. So try to limit the personal hygiene and skincare items to a minimum and/or check the labels.

Also, think about using thermography instead of mammography for early tumor detection.  It’s a much safer, painless process using heat instead of radiation to detect the presence of tumors.  You get a baseline study done and then a surveillance study every year to compare with.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not pay for it.  It cost me $150 out-of-pocket   I’ve done it twice now, and it’s totally effortless, no painful squishing of your boobs or contortion of your body required.  Google thermography and see if that is a viable option for you.

Read the actual studies and not just Dr. Mercola’s summary.  Come to your own conclusions.

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