News Flash: 302 Avogen is Now a Supplement!!!

It’s been in the works for a long time, and I’ve been dying to tell you all about this latest development.  Finally I can spill the beans:

The molecule that is the star ingredient of the 302 Skincare line has been made into a nutraceutical supplement, to be used with or without 302 Skincare products.  Of course, if you approach the skin from the inside with the Avogen capsule and from the outside using 302 Skincare, your results will be accelerated.  The wonderful part of using the supplement is that it can be taken without supervision of a 302 professional.  You can’t overdose from it or cause undesired effects from misuse.  You take 1 capsule (for up to 250 lbs) a day, preferably at night.  Even though you could take more capsules, it won’t increase the benefits.  Unless you are allergic to avocados, there are no side effects.  Toxicology and safety studies have shown it to be totally safe, with no cancer promoting effects.  Even pregnant women can take it.  You gain all the skin and health benefits of eating an avocado, but without the calories or the mess!

So, What the Heck is So Special About Avogen?

I get this question occasionally. . .  isn’t Avogen just glorified avocado oil?   Absolutely NOT!   Avogen is a specific molecule found in avocado that is isolated and purified.  The molecular weight of Avogen is 302 daltons, which is very, very tiny, allowing it to pass easily through the epidermal layer into the dermis.  In the nutraceutical supplement, the Avogen molecule is added to avocado oil in a concentration that is equivalent to eating one avocado a day.  Avogen is not store-bought avocado oil!  It is a patented, proprietary lipid from a specific variety of avocado.  Avogen undergoes rigorous cGMP protocols and quality assurance testing as required by the FDA.  Avogen is not available in any other skincare or supplement line.  You can’t buy it for DIY potions either.  The properties of Avogen go way beyond what avocado oil can achieve.  It’s the essential nutrient found only in avocados and no other plant species.

If you Google about the avocado’s benefits, you will find tons of anecdotal information about its ability to improve skin, hair, and health.   For the last decade or so, the Avogen molecule has been studied extensively by scientists and doctors, working in conjunction with Richard Huber (founder of 302 Skincare).  As a result of these studies, the biological mechanism with which the avocado achieves all these benefits is now known….It all has to do with Avogen’s unique ability to normalize the extracellular matrix (ECM) in our body, including the ECM of skin, eyes, bone, muscles, joints, and internal organs (the liver, lungs, heart, brain, etc.).  The ECM is composed of proteins, collagen and elastin, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), proteoglycans, hyaluronic acid, among other components.  It comprises the various connective tissues in our body.  The health of the extracellular matrix normally declines with age, but also from external factors such as sun damage, toxins, stress, trauma, and inflammation.   Avogen, in preliminary studies, has been shown to reverse ECM damage from aging and external factors, restoring it to a healthier, more functional state.  Avogen is the first and only supplement available on the market that targets the health of the ECM.

Why a Healthy ECM Leads to a Healthy You

The ECM is the matrix which surrounds your cells, like cushioning jelly or scaffolding.  It gives tissues its structure and integrity.  It enables cell signaling and proper cell functioning.  When the ECM is healthy and functioning normally, cells can signal each other easily, and cell functions are optimized.   If the ECM is compromised, it turns into a clogged network or wad of gristle-like or crosslinked protein strands, which hinders or prevents cells from communicating with each other.  As a result, cellular activities such as replication, waste disposal, mitochondrial energy production, and wound repair become dysfunctional.  External scars (such as acne scars) result from dysfunctional ECM and excessive crosslinking which forms hard, inelastic tissue around wounds or traumas.  Though scarring is a protective mechanism intended to protect exposed tissues from infection, this excessive crosslinking also causes disfiguring depressions and pitting in the skin.

Excessive crosslinking results in both external scars and internal scars (adhesions).  Adhesions often result from surgery and abnormal tissue growth (such as in endometriosis), especially in and around the pelvic and abdominal areas.  Adhesions can cause internal organs to become misshapen and to stick to other organs, causing pain and/or organ dysfunction.  It’s believed that infertility often results from adhesions in the uterus (Asherman’s Syndrome) or in other reproductive organs.  Studies have also shown a possible connection between ECM dysfunction and cancer metastasis.

When used topically in skincare, Avogen softens and plumps the skin by renormalizing the skin’s ECM and stabilizing the tendency to excess crosslinking.  It’s the only topical I know of that can safely repair scars without using damaging acids or inflicting injury and inflammation on the skin.  As a result of using Avogen in 302 Skincare for 7 years now, my acne scars are 98% corrected; my skin is firm, supple, plump, and unwrinkled.

This is a un-retouched shot of me, 2 months shy of  57, bare skin, no foundation or concealer, just eye and lip color.  I’ve never had botox, fillers, or a facelift done.

Click to enlarge

I’m happy with my skin, even though it’s obviously not a 20-year-old’s skin, and I have some light freckling and one age spot.  Believe me, my skin was a lot worse before 302, and considering I don’t do much to my skin, I’m okay with the tiny flaws I have.  I’m sure I could do a more aggressive 302 regimen, but frankly I’m too lazy to bother.  I do shudder to think what my skin would look like today had I not stumbled across 302 Skincare and Richard Huber in 2005.  I am eternally grateful to all the help he gave me in those beginning years.  Yes, I have strayed…I used other natural skincare lines in the beginning.  It was the skincare junkie in me, but time and again, I ended up going right back to my beloved 302 products.  I just haven’t seen anything come close to the quality and effectiveness of 302 Skincare.  I’ve been strictly a 302 girl for the last 4 years and couldn’t be happier.

So Why is Avogen a Supplement and Not a Drug?

Since ECM is present in all skin, bone, muscle, and organs, ECM dysfunction could conceivably cause many different diseases or abnormalities in the body.  Avogen addresses and corrects ECM dysfunction throughout the body, not just the skin.  For a supplement to potentially address such a vast array of conditions with virtually no side effects is groundbreaking.  I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s coming from my personal experience.  You may wonder then, “Hmmm, if it’s so great why isn’t it a drug by now, like Retin-A?”  Well, mainly because getting a drug approved through the FDA requires money, lots of it, millions of it.  Small companies don’t have the hundreds of millions to do that.  Only Big Pharma does.  The FDA also requires a strict protocol of phased clinical trials which can take a decade or more to complete.  In the meantime, nobody outside the clinical trials can use the therapy.  Thirdly, drugs will cost you, the consumer, MUCH more than a supplement because of all the cost involved to get it approved.  What costs Big Pharma a few dollars to manufacture ends up costing you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars to buy.  Unless you have medical coverage or are really rich, you will have no access to these types of groundbreaking drugs.

So, what’s a small biotech company to do??….one option is to sell Avogen to the highest Big Pharma bidder for a ton of money and let them handle the long tortuous  FDA drug process….at the end of which they will make billions, once it’s approved (See links below).  Instead, the Avogen company decided the more equitable, economical, and expedient route  was to sell Avogen as a nutraceutical privately instead of going the drug route.  This way,  more people can buy it at a reasonable cost.  The Avogen company has done its own extensive clinical tests with human subjects using Avogen internally and externally.  They have almost a decade’s worth of Avogen use in 302 Skincare, showing its effectiveness on the skin.  They have toxicology studies done at Eli Lilly showing it’s safe.  So, there is no issue with efficacy or safety here.  Unfortunately, the company cannot post or advertise on their website anything related to Avogen’s therapeutic or medical benefits, other than skin benefits.  This is solely due to FDA labeling restrictions on nutraceuticals.  Nutraceuticals and supplements, by law, cannot make any claims that they can treat, cure, or address medical conditions.  It doesn’t mean they don’t provide such benefits, it’s just that the company cannot claim or talk about it.  Only drugs can make medical claims.  If a supplement company makes any hint of a medical claim, then they must declare it as a drug and go through the whole long, drawn out, expensive FDA drug approval process…or face being shut down by the FDA (See related link below).  This, in effect, prevents consumers from learning about promising new nutriceuticals in a timely manner.  You will always hear about the latest drugs coming out of Big Pharma through big press releases and ads, but will seldom hear about  new nutriceuticals, like Avogen, right from the start.

Also, you will not see the clinical studies on the website or anywhere on the Internet.  Be assured, they exist.  There are independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on humans.  You can access them from the Avogen company if you are a researcher, doctor, or someone with a need to know, but first you have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (for intellectual property purposes).  I wanted to explain this upfront to people who are skeptical because there are no published studies for Avogen available in the public domain.  The company may eventually decide to release some or all of their studies to the public, but I think it will depend on their future plans.  They are still researching Avogen’s properties and will be for many years to come.

For More Information and to Order the Avogen Supplement

There is more information, including links to scientific articles about ECM and lysyl oxidase (the specific protein that Avogen targets in the ECM) on the new Avogen website.  There is also some bio information on the team of dedicated scientists and medical experts who have been working on the Avogen project.  This is also where you can purchase the Avogen supplement:

All 302 Skincare professionals will also carry this supplement, so you can conveniently order it along with your 302 products.  Availability is scheduled for May 7, 2012.   In the meantime, read up on all the reference links on the Avogen website; it will become much clearer that ECM has a tremendous impact on your body’s health, not just skin health.  You can think of Avogen as the “Fountain of Youth” supplement because it addresses the whole body, not just what you see on the outside..

My Meeting with Richard Huber and A Little History about the Supplement

A year ago, back in March of 2011, is when I first found out an Avogen supplement was being developed.  I had a very interesting conversation with Richard Huber, the director of 302 Skincare and, now, the Avogen project.   He happened to be on business in my neck of the woods.  I was thrilled to have the chance to talk to him face-to-face.  I have been e-mailing/calling him about 302 skincare since the beginning of 2005, but never met him in person.  I was a little scared at first at the notion….me a little ol’ consumer, and him, a big nerdy scientist type….what would we talk about?  Well, my fears were unfounded.

We met on a beautiful spring day and spent 6 hours talking.  I was impressed by his humble, unassuming nature, his wealth of knowledge, his keen sense of humor, and the wild stories of his adventures in Guatemala.  Time flew as we were chatting about how he discovered Avogen, how it was produced, and future plans.  Really fascinating stuff, hopefully he will write a book someday about his 302 adventures.   He also told me that I could take Avogen internally; that it would further improve my skin and my overall health.   He had been taking Avogen internally himself for over a year and he was still alive and kicking.  So, at his suggestion, I started taking the stuff internally, about half a dropperful at night, under the tongue.   I used the 302 Drops RX as the supplement since there were no capsules at that time.   Since that particular product is only comprised of Avogen, jojoba oil and avocado oil, nothing in it is toxic; it was the closest thing to pure Avogen available at the time.   The new supplement contains only Avogen and organic avocado oil.

Almost 57 but feeling 37 (click to enlarge).

It’s been a year now, and I feel fantastic.  It seems like I’m getting younger instead of older in every sense…my skin, hair, nails, energy level.  I have no bone, joint, or muscle problems.  My breast cancer is still in remission.  I’m on no medications at all.  My physicals are excellent.  Of course, I also live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods, but I believe the internal use of Avogen has also helped, (along with my 302 Skincare regimen).  I use it like my other daily supplements.  I may skip a day or two during the week, but I’ve been using it pretty consistently.   I’ve never experienced any side effects whatsoever, not even on an empty stomach.

Now, luckily for you, you don’t have to bother with messy droppers or squirting Avogen in your mouth like I did.  You can simply pop 1 capsule at night.  They are also introducing a 1% Avogen mist to use with the capsules to specifically target skin problems.  The mist can be used with existing skincare products, but I recommend you stick with only 302 topicals and never use acid products for maximum results in the shortest amount of time, especially where scars are concerned.

Now for the Best Part. . I Have Free Products for Trial 

Since this is a brand new product launch, and I want more people to learn about it, I have a very special, limited-time offer for people interested in trying the Avogen supplement.  The Avogen company is graciously providing me with some full-sized products that I can give away for trials after the official launch on 5/7/12.  I will have 25 sets of the Duo-Pak which includes 1 bottle of Avogen (60 capsules) and 1 bottle of the Avogen Mist (2 oz).   I will ship this free of charge (except shipping fee) to the first 25 people who e-mail me at  Once I acknowledge your e-mail, I will ship products, first come, first served, as my time allows (I have a day job).  As I am paying out-of-pocket to ship this to you, please reimburse me for shipping with a $6 payment through Paypal to my e-mail address once you receive your products.  The other conditions are:

1.  One per household.

2. USA residents only.

3.  Use up the entire bottle of supplements.  Use the mist as you see fit.   If you use 302 skincare now, you may not need the mist.  The 302 serums/drops already have 3% Avogen in them.  You can give the mist to a friend.

4.  After 60 days, if you are happy with what you see and how you feel, tell your friends, family, acquaintances about Avogen and/or post about your experience with Avogen on your favorite forums or blogs.  Spread the love, in other words.

NOTE:    Depending on various factors such as your age, extent of scarring, current health and lifestyle, you may need more than 2 months’ supply of Avogen to get full scar repair.  Also, keep in mind that if you are on multiple medications that affect the skin, this may decrease Avogen’s effectiveness on the ECM.  As for anything, individual results will vary.

Final Words and a Request

If you have followed my posts on various skincare and acne forums and this blog for the last 7 years, you might think either 1) I work for 302 Skincare or 2) I’m an obsessed 302 cult member.  I may come across as overly enthusiastic at times (OK, all the time) when it comes to 302 Skincare and Avogen.  But the facts are that I’ve never worked for 302 Skincare or Richard Huber, been told what to say, or paid for any posts, and I really DO have a life outside of skincare.  I just have a passion (not obsession) for doing everything I can to stay young in mind and body, and want to share information with others who feel the same way.  So to that end, I invite everybody to send me any progress reports/testimonials/pictures, and I will post them here.  I want a true picture of results, so I will accept anything, positive or negative, as long as it’s written in a respectful and informative manner.  Please share your experiences with others who can benefit.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Avogen!


5 responses to “News Flash: 302 Avogen is Now a Supplement!!!

  1. Nancy, wonderful news! Can’t wait to try out the supplements. Thanks! – indy

  2. Just wanted you guys to know the Avogen Duo-Paks for free trial should be arriving to me no later than 2 weeks from now. Maybe sooner. The launch date was pushed out due to packaging glitches. I will let you know when they get to me and then I will start shipping out to the people on my wait list.

  3. Hi Everybody,
    Just wanted you to know, all the free trials are gone as of today, and no more will be available. The folks I have emailed a confirmation to will receive their trial products once I have them available to ship out. If you didn’t get the free trial, the products are now available for purchase on They just opened up the shopping cart yesterday. Thanks for participating, and please send me feedback about your experiences!

  4. Exciting news…The trial Duo-Packs made it to my door yesterday!!! Really nice packaging. I tried one capsule and the mist yesterday night. The capsules are pretty cool looking, Never seen a capsule like it before. Light green irresdescent oil floating in a clear capsule, The mist is nice, no oily feel at all. Not much of a scent, Dries quickly . It’s smaller than I imagined. Will probably use it every few days and alternate with my other 302 skincare. I am now on a Lightening Drops/302 Serum/Clarity regimen. I used the mist on some mosquito bites, and it seemed to take some itch away, but maybe that was just coincidence. It should be good for healing cuts/ abrasions, etc.

    So, for all the folks I emailed earlier with confirmation, I will be shipping out YOUR freebies tomorrow. I got all the boxes and labels ready to go and I will be packing tonight. Thanks to the Avogen company for being so generous. Enjoy!

  5. Boy, shipping is hard work! I finished all the labeling and packing last night and sent them off this morning. Expect them by Friday or Saturday. Once you receive it, I would appreciate the $6 for shipping reimbursed through that Paypal account I emailed you all…. Thanks .

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