The 70 Year-Old Who Looks 40

I was surfing the net, having more free time than usual this week, and I stumbled upon this video about a woman who is 70 and looks like she is in her 40s.   Her secret is eating raw vegan.  I’ve noticed that people who eat totally raw often look much younger than their age.  I’m not about to give up meat, but I think eating more raw vegetables and fruits is definitely something to strive for in your diet.  Take a look at this woman.  She truly looks and acts like a much younger woman.   No plastic surgery either.  Her skin is amazing.  I think part of it is genetic, part of it is attitude, and part of it is her diet and lifestyle.  But the overall lesson here is that beauty begins from the inside out.  All the skincare and gadgets in the world won’t keep you looking your best, if you aren’t taking care of your health first.

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