What’s Happen to This Blog?

Well, you’ve probably been wondering what’s up with this blog…why hasn’t it been updated in over a year?  I have no excuses other than “life gets in the way sometimes.”  While I was MIA, I have been raising my 2 teenaged kids and, of course, attending to other drearier things such as chores and a job.  I wish somebody invented a laundry gadget  – throw all the clothes in, press a button, and voila!  Clothes come out sorted, folded, and ready to put away.  That would make a gazillion dollars.  The first born is now in college and he is doing great (I think).  He was very anxious to be on his own, and it’s hard for me to not e-mail every day to check on him.  However, when I get replies like “ok”, “fine”, “thanks” to my laundry list of questions, it’s a clear sign he wants to be left alone.  I’m sure he doesn’t want his dorm mates to see Mom Skyping him either.  But he will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas soon, so we can grill him then and he can’t hide!

As for my beauty regimen, not much has changed there.  Still a minimalist, and I still use 302 skincare and Avogen supplements daily.  I haven’t even tried any other products for the last 8+ years now.  I just don’t see a need or burning desire to pay big bucks and chancing it on something new and revolutionary.  I have, however, acquired a new gadget called the STOP which is a radiofrequency device.  I’m hoping it will help tighten the neck and jowl area.  I haven’t used it enough to say yay or nay yet.  I’m also thinking about getting a new galvanic device to replace the UP5 I had years ago.

As is my blog tradition, here’s my latest birthday picture, taken last June when I was 58.  I’m starting to see the beginnings of fine lines under the eyes when I smile, so I’ve been using the 302 Eye Firming Serum every day.  It’s the only 302 active that can be applied daily once or twice.  I like the firming so far.


I plan to post more in the future, describing some alternative ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle but enjoy life at the same time, and also beauty must haves of course.   So keep posted, and thanks for reading!

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