The Skincare Revolution was created by 2 reformed “skincare junkies”, well pass the mid-century mark in age and, frankly, tired of looking for the Holy Grail of skincare.  After using many products which failed to address our skincare problems, we found the key to success:  Education and Science-based Information.  We realized that women (and men) were not getting the information they needed to make intelligent decisions about skincare.   We realized that most of the current skincare practices used today actually harm our skin and could affect our health.  We want to share our experiences, our information, and empower more people to make the correct choices for their skincare and their health.  We hope you join the Skincare Revolution!

This is me, at 56, no foundation.  Never had a facelift, wrinkle fillers, or botox… Just healthy living and common sense skincare.


And this is my dear friend and blog partner, I will just say she is over 65 in this picture.  Like me, no facelifts, botox, or fillers.  Again, good genes perhaps, but also a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare at work: